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Waste Characterization
Waste characterization consists of determining the main physical-chemical, biological, qualitative and/or quantitative aspects of the sample. The analyzed parameters depend for what purpose they will be used.

Elaboration of Solid Waste Management Plans
According to the National Solid Waste Policy – PNRS (Law 12,305/2010) regulated by Decree 7,404/2010, the generators of solid waste   that are not classified as urban cleaning are required to draw up their proper Solid Waste Management Plans to demonstrate their ability to give an Environmentally Appropriate Final Destination to their waste.

Waste Disposal 
All the waste we generate must be disposed of correctly in order to avoid the negative effects it may have on the environment. But do you know how this waste is treated?
In the first place, it is essential to know that the well-known and much-used dumps are completely wrong. They are places where the trash  is simply dumped without the slightest care for the environment.
In Brazil there is a specific standard called NBR10004 which deals with the criteria for the classification of waste according to its composition and characteristics, it is from this classification that the appropriate destinations for each type of waste are determined.

CADRI request to CETESB
Instrument that approves the sending of waste of interest to places of reprocessing, storage, treatment or final disposal, licensed or authorized by CETESB.
Gold Engenharia offers consulting services for the preparation of Solid Waste Management Plans for companies in any sector, strictly following the determinations of current federal, state and municipal laws and regulations.

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