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What is eSocial?

A Gold Engenharia é uma empresa especializada na área de Segurança do Trabalho e por isso, estamos adequados as novas atualizações do sistema.

eSocial is an integral project of the Digital Public Bookkeeping System (SPED), aiming to simplify, streamline and digitally unify the delivery of labor, social security and tax obligations related to employees and companies, prioritizing transparency in employer and employee information .


Aiming to revolutionize the way companies pass on information related to the employment relationship of their employees and their working conditions, always being in compliance.

This information and data are transformed into files compatible with the eSocial system and forwarded to Organs responsible bodies.


Social Events:

THEeSocialdoes not change our legislation regarding matters ofSST, with it you just create a data bookkeeping system.

Companies continue with their usual obligations,  registering their employees, reporting accidents and preparing work health and safety programs that are the PGR and PCMSO.

Qual changeWhat does eSocial bring?
Today, in addition to the needs above, in order to comply with eSocial, it is necessary to send this information to the Government.

The difference is that in the past, all companies needed to register their employees, report accidents and prepare safety reports in order to comply with the law, and all this documentation was filed at the company and should only be delivered in the event of an inspection.

And with eSocial what does that change?

There is nothing in the documentation, but instead of just being archived, it must be sent to the Government through events.

This is complying with eSocial, sending events to the government!

This is what we can help you with, through our own system we will send OHS information to eSocial in a practical and safe way, thus avoiding delays and, consequently, fines.

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