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Recovery of Degraded Areas

Recovery Plan for Degraded Areas 

The Plan for the Recovery of Degraded Areas (PRAD) is designed with the objective of establishing basic technical criteria and offering guidelines for the preparation of Projects for Reforestation and Recovery of Degraded Areas   aimed at restoring ecosystems.
. The recovery of the environment occurs after the installation of the enterprise. In the areas to be recovered, the basic methodological procedures for land preparation, planting and a basic monitoring plan after planting are presented and executed.

planting by seedlings

In this process, seedlings are planted randomly or systematically (in rows), with different spacing that can vary depending on the relief, the type of vegetation to be restored and the speed with which the soil is to be covered.

Periodic planting maintenance 

The planting of a crop must be very well planned, as it determines the beginning of a process of about 120 days that will affect all the operations involved, in addition to determining the possibilities of success or failure of the crop.
Planting planning begins with the purchase of seed and other inputs. The farmer should plan the best time to receive the seed, as well as reserve a clean and airy place to store it until the planting date.

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