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Social Security Professional Profile - PPP

The Social Security Professiographic Profile (PPP) is a form with fields to be filled in with all the information related to the employee, such as, for example, the activity he performs, the harmful agent to which he is exposed, the intensity and concentration of the agent, medical exams clinical trials, in addition to data relating to the company.

The form must be completed by companies that carry out activities that expose their employees to harmful chemical, physical, biological agents or association of agents harmful to health or physical integrity (origin of granting special retirement after 15, 20 or 25 years of contribution) . In addition, all employers and institutions that admit workers as employees of the Environmental Risk Prevention Program and the Occupational Health Medical Control Program, in accordance with Regulatory Standard No. 9 of Ordinance No. 3,214/78 of the MTE, must also complete PPP.

The PPP must be completed to prove the effective exposure of employees to harmful agents, to understand all environments and to control the occupational health of all workers.

Perfil Profissiográfico Previdenciário - PPP

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