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What is LTCAT?

The technical report on the working environment conditions is a document that aims to report the employee's working environment conditions. LTCAT is mandatory for all companies and is a program regulated by social security.

What is the LTCAT used for?

It is not a program to minimize or eliminate the risks present in the environment, but serves as a document proving that the worker was exposed to certain risks during the period of permanence in the company. This document will be used for the benefit of the employee, as it is based on it that the need for special retirement by the INSS is determined.

When to prepare the LTCAT?

The LTCAT must be prepared whenever the company suspects that there are activities that expose the worker to harmful agents – determined in Annex IV of Decree 3048/99. If he has been exposed, the worker will then be entitled to special retirement.

Who can prepare the LTCAT?

According to the  § 1 of art. 58 of Law 8213/91, the LTCAT must be issued by a duly qualified Occupational Safety Engineer.

What is the validity of the LTCAT?

The validity of the LTCAT does not exist, but it must always be updated, whenever changes occur in the work environment or in the company. Likewise, the LTCAT must be available for consultation at the company, in case Social Security tax auditors appear. LTCAT cannot replace any of the programs likePPRA,PCSMO,PCMATor PGR, as these programs are regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, while LTCAT is regulated by Social Security.

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