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Facade Cleaning and Painting

Serviços Técnicos Verticais

Vertical Technical Services, Facade Cleaning and Painting.

Is your company, condominium or building in need of a renovation? Cleaning facades, painting and various services at height should be done by someone who understands the subject, as simple items when done wrong can result in major problems. 
A simple lamp replacement or the use of a drill can become a big problem when your access is limited due to excessive height.

give usGOLD ENGINEERINGwe have the solution for each type of activity, always based on the tripod of PLANNING, ORGANIZATION AND EXECUTION, we have a highly qualified team to perform any task at height or places of difficult access, be it maintenance, installation, cleaning, repairs and painting.

The professionals ofGOLD ENGINEERINGare trained to develop practical, economical and safe solutions when it comes to vertical work.

The professionalism you need is here , in the Teamgold engineering!



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